Chiyuu is the high school friend of Birthday and Ratio. She has synesthesia.


Chiyuu has violet shoulder length hair styled into two pigtails at the front, pale skin, and violet eyes. She wears a black tanktop underneath a green shoulderless shirt with a yellow bow on the front, blue cropped pants, and pink sandals.


Not much is known about Chiyuu's personality, but she seems to be quiet and somewhat introverted. She only speaks in colors. She is compassionate towards others, seen when she rescued a person from being harassed for being related to a Minimum Holder. She is also willing to side with Freemum in order to find the Healing Minimum for Birthday's sake.


Chiyuu was a good friend to Birthday and Ratio after they dropped out of Facultas Academy. She kept her Minimum very secret until she approached Freemum in Re: Hamatora.

Powers & Abilities

It is speculated that Chiyuu's powers are related in manipulation of color, which she uses to blend in/camouflage with her surroundings. She can use that power on herself and up to one other person.

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