Hamatora Volume 2

Hamatora the Comic Volume 2 Cover


  • Chapter 08: Chinatown Wars (チャイナタウン・ウォーズ Chainataun Wōzu)
  • Chapter 09: A Small Miracle (小さな奇跡 Chīsana Kiseki
  • Chapter 10: Belief of Each (それぞれの信念 Sorezore no Shinnen )  
  • Chapter 11: If There are Those Who Believe (信じるものかあるならば Shinjirumono ka Aru Naraba)  
  • Chapter 12: Mohaya Negai wa (もはや願いは )  
  • Chapter 13: A New Day (新しい日々 Atarashii Hibi )   
  • Chapter 14: Give It Back! My Smartphone! (かえして!私のスマホ! Kaeshite! Watashi no Sumaho! )

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